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New Layout + Unofficial Relaunch

New Layout + Unofficial Relaunch

Hey everyone! It’s Jen, the original owner of the site. I have taken the site back over with the amazing Joshua still on as a co-web. I have been hard at work updating the gallery (which is almost completely updated!) and I’ve just put up a new look on both the main site as well as the gallery.

Once I’m finished with the gallery, I will be doing some updating with the pages on the main site as well, so keep an eye out on those!

Thanks a bunch to Carol at Sin21 Designs for the theme and Ana at Insomniac Wonderland Designs for the fantastic header!

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Gallery Update (5/28)

Gallery Update (5/28)

I have updated the gallery with photos dating back to the Met Gala at the beginning of the month, as well as new stills and on set photos from Rocketman. Enjoy!

Gallery Links
Film Productions > 2019 | Rocketman > On Set
Film Productions > 2019 | Rocketman > Stills
Photoshoots > Photocalls > “Rocketman” Cannes Film Festival Photocall
Photoshoots > Press Conferences > “Rocketman” Cannes Film Festival Press Conference
Photoshoots > Press Conferences > “Rocketman” UK Press Conference
Photoshoots > Press Conferences > “Rocketman” South Korea Press Conference
Events > 2019 > May 6 | 2019 Met Gala
Events > 2019 > May 14 | 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival – “Rocketman” Premiere
Events > 2019 > May 20 | Magic Radio Studios
Events > 2019 > May 20 | “Rocketman” UK Premiere
Events > 2019 > May 23 | “Rocketman” South Korea Premiere – Q&A Session
Events > 2019 > May 25 | “Rocketman” Australia Premiere

BBC Radio 1 Interview